Best Places in Houston to Take Your Dog


Every pet parent knows they should get out with their dog more. Usually, that means a quick walk early in the morning before you head to work or a short evening stroll before bed.

There’s no doubt that your canine companion would love to get out and spend more time walking through the neighborhood, but you have so many more options when you live in Houston!

There are plenty of pet-friendly places throughout Houston that are a lot of fun for both you and your four-legged friend.

Congressman Bill Archer Bark Park

Congressman Bill Archer Bark Park comes highly recommended by Wag Walking. Many of its professional dog walkers recommend this place because it, “offers a huge bone-shaped pool, an expansive trail, shower stations, and even an obstacle course!” The agility course is great for energetic dogs that need to burn a little extra energy while the cleaning stations will keep your pooch from getting the car dirty when it’s time to head home.

One of the best things about this particular park is the fact that it features separate sections for large dogs and small dogs. That way you don’t have to worry about your tiny Chihuahua getting trampled by an energetic lab!

Hermann Park

Hermann Park is a great place to walk the dog, but it isn’t just Fido that will find this area interesting. You will too because there are attractions that include:

  • A mini-train
  • The McGovern Centennial Gardens
  • A Japanese garden
  • Pedal boats

Numerous trails are spread throughout the area, connecting the sections of this park, so you can spend the whole day with your dog out in nature.

Ervan Chew

Many people in Houston are dedicated Ervan Chew visitors because this was the first park in the city that allowed dogs to run and play off-leash. In the spirit of letting canines run to their heart’s content, the park now has over 9,000 square feet of fenced-in space that’s perfect for allowing your pooch to let off some steam.

This park is also conveniently located next to a picnic area and swimming pool so you can hang out with all your pet parent friends outside the dog park!


When you think of having fun with your canine companion, you probably think about trails and parks, like the ones on this list, but don’t forget that some establishments in Houston are dog-friendly. That includes Barnaby’s!

Whether you’ve been out running errands or you’re ready to head home after an eventful morning at the dog park, Barnaby’s is a great place to stop. All of the locations in Houston feature patios that are warm and welcoming to dogs. Order a burger, satisfy your sweet tooth, or try the homemade lasagna, all with your pet in tow.

Don’t leave your dog at home the next time the weekend rolls around! There are many places you can take your dog within Houston city limits. Not only is your pet sure to have a blast at any one of these locations, but you also will too!







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