Dog Miraculously Rouse Owner Out Of Coma

When Andy Szasz was brought to the hospital due to life-threatening circumstances, his family had no idea that his beloved dog was going to be responsible for a miracle.

According to Little Things, Szasz beat bowel cancer back in 2012 with his best bud Teddy by his side. So when he was hit with a severe case of pneumonia – which was so bad he stopped breathing – his wife Estelle knew that the pup may help with his healing a second time.

Due to his dangerous condition, Szasz had been put in an induced coma for what was expected to be a week. But when Estelle got permission to bring Teddy to the hospital for a visit, the pup let out a few barks… and roused his dad from his coma, 3 days early!

Teddy’s amazing actions have even earned him the Animal Award by the UK’s Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). He certainly deserves it!

We hope that Szasz continues to get better. This amazing story is yet another example of how dogs are actual life savers!

(h/t: Little Things)


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