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Siberian Husky Steals From Dollar Store (Caught on Camera)


The Dollar General store in Shafter, California was having a normal Wednesday evening when something unexpected happened. In strolled a Siberian Husky, without any human in sight, happily wagging his tail and greeting everyone as if he were a regular patron. Dollar General employee Abby Lopez told NBC News:

This dog came in and he was really friendly looking around. Next thing we know, he grabbed a loaf of bread and started making his exit.

Thankfully, the security camera footage captured the Bread Bandit, as he’s been called, in the act. You can see him struggling for the loaf of bread while another Dollar General employee, Steven, tries to get it back from him.

The Husky clearly had no intention of paying! Feeling both amused and concerned, the staff called in local Animal Control. The Bread Bandit had escaped, but like most criminals, they knew he’d be back again. Nick Riddick, Shafter’s Animal Control Manager, advised,

They end up getting greedy, which is why they get caught, and unfortunately in this case, the culprits were apprehended.


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